Mayer Tool & Engineering, Inc.

Mayer Tool & Engineering Services

Mayer Tool & Engineering has the skills and the resources to engineer and build any type of mold; from complex dimensional work to 3D contour parts; from single cavity to multi-cavity molds with manifolds.  We have built molds with slides, lifters,  stripper plates, unscrewing mechanisms, and hydraulic core pulls.

Custom Mold Builders - Prototype & Production
Mold Repair and Engineering changes
Mold Design
Product Design
Mold Sampling
Short Run Production
Wire EDM
Jigs & Fixtures
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In Engineering, our extensive CAD/CAM capabilities include 2D and 3D design, Solid Modeling, Tool Pathing, and Tool Path Verification.

Mayer Tool & Engineering can work from piece part drawings, 3D wireframe, or surfaced files.  We can import and export a wide variety of CAD formats.  We can receive these files via email or larger files can be uploaded to our ftp site.

Our Full Service approach ensures that we have skilled engineers and moldmakers on staff ready to support every phase of your project.